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One final screamer for the road, bitches!

The Autistic World of the Autist isn't scary, RIIIIGHT!!!!


  • Mr Platypus's deaths can be pretty gruesome.
  • Imaginee can be this when played seriously.
    • Even worse, he still got the same personality when he's scary.
  • The idea that Imaginee has fourth wall awareness.

Season 1

  • "AFC" makes a Five Nights at Freddy's reference by Bob mentioning night guards keep disappearing and even says he found an entire brain in one of the animatronics
  • Even worse, Colonel Chicken implies he's going to let a chicken revolution get eaten by them.
  • The Halloween special has plenty of this. Examples include:
  • The Jump Scares, special mention goes to Golden Freddy, AFC animatronic, that realistic eye and Leon at the end.
  • That Gollum-esque voice the narrator uses, and the fact that the title cards are red with a black background.
  • The ghost story Mona tells about a clown that "put a smile on that face" to a child simply because the child didn't laugh at him. Bonus points for Mona saying that it's true.
  • Mr Platypus's corpse. It has a chunk of his head missing.
  • Admit it, that zombie wolf did startle you.
  • Imaginee's Mind Rape of Brian. It involves him telling Brian about how Leon will eventually cast him aside and replace him with Mona.
  • Dracomort: More Teeth than the Osmond Family? Check. Voice of the Legion provided by Mark Hamill? Check. Temporary Grim Reaper? Ooh, that's a big check.
  • "What is it that you fear? Is it Death?"
  • "Happy Halloween,RIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!"
  • The Halloween Special is also notable as this is the first time Imaginee is shown at his most horrifying, even worse in the remake.
  • While 'Death becomes Brian' is a rather lighthearted (Black Comedy aside) episode, the flashback with Dracomort provided a suprising amount of Mood Whiplash.
  • Imaginee's collection of superheroes he defeated and has given a Fate Worse Than Death
  • The fact that Imaginee managed to cause Word War 3 in the bad ending of the finale. It certainly shows that, as much of a vicious idiot that he is, Imaginee can really do some damage when he puts his mind to things.
  • Even though he very much deserved it, Imaginee's Cruel And Unusual Death is rather gruesome to say the least. Also counts as a moment of Awesome.

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