== before season 1== &nbsp jesus christ died during the 1st easter unknown how he died

norton sr sr mentioned by norton sr that he's dead

yoda died of an old age he made a cameo as a ghost along with anikin and obi wan

flurg's dad commited suicide by releasing martian dogs on himself which ripped him to bits

martian euthanasia docter given himself euthanasia after flurg robbed his money

season 1Edit

ninga rabbid killed when he was flung into a caspri sun billboard

ninga rabbid ripped to shreds

bad baby commandos crushed to death by a giant satelite

season 2Edit

a few computers killed by robo snow computer

season 3Edit

season 4Edit

season 5Edit

carlian god killed by litning

season 6Edit

season 7Edit

martian drone accedentally ejected into space by flurg

season 8Edit

desk fan boy fell to his death

shnootaplootix commited suicide with a eletric bomb

season 9Edit