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That's not what I meant
  • In the pilot, Leon's comment on Brian disapproving of him being a brony:

"As far as I'm concerned, Brian can go f(bleep) a goat."

  • Also in the pilot, Leon introducing Imaginee:

"Who as who find out as the show goes on, is quite an arsehole."

  • Leon's reaction to Imaginee crushing his car.
    • Also Brian's reaction.
  • The Fluffy Unicorn Candy King (or F.U.C.K).
  • The "Escape-o-matic" running out of fuel.
  • Leon blowing Spotty's cover.
  • "AFC" parodies a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • "Meanwhile"
    • "Meanwhile (again)"
      • "Meanwhile (seriously, how many meanwhiles are there?!)"
      • "Meanwhile (Oh, for f(bleep)'s sake!!!!!!!)"
    • My leg!
  • "Granny Overboard"
  • Leon telling the audience the only difference between him and Mona.
    • "Still, at least her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard."
  • "I think I'll have the crunched nuts."
    • After Brian called Mona a "f(bleep)ing c(bleep), his boss pointed at a sign that said " No Swearing ".
  • ''" F(bleep) me! I heard of explosive diarrhoea but this is ridiculous.'"
  • The intro to "babysitting for auties".
  • "Oops, wrong funeral".
  • In "Babysitting for auties", Roobert was watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
    • The best part is Imaginee wondering why Roobert would like to learn about friendship.
  • "A split nail?! A SPLIT F(BLEEP)ING NAIL"
  • All three attempts at getting Brian Jr to take a bath.
  • Brian's kids playing Star Wars.
    • "Is this really necessary?"
    • "Yes! Now say wash your winky"
  • During "Babysitting for auties" , Leon Davies has actually FORGOTTEN HIS LINES!!!!!!!!!
  • One hilarious bit from "Take your parents to work day" showed Graham (from "AFC") fishing with his dad (then his dad gets pulled down by a fish).
    • " Bite being the operative word".
  • " If you cannot learn to appreciate true art, DON'T LOOK!".
  • Leon's reaction to Brian gunning down his classroom:

Leon: "Brian,WTF?"

Brian: "What the f(BLEEP) does WTF mean?"

Mrs Indaneck: "What the f(BLEEP)?!"

  • Imaginee introducing Leon and Mona to the RCMC 2.0
    • And after he's done making Mona kill Leon (even though she'd do it willingly), he'll see if any bad guys require her for "special needs, if you catch my drift, audience".
  • Despite being scary, the Halloween special has some funny moments:
    • "Too Slow"
    • "I suppose you could say I'm a pain in the neck".
    • Dani pissing herself after Mona's campfire story. Mona's reaction just sells it.
    • Brian shitting his pants while hiding from Dracomort.
  • A meta example. While listing Imaginee's Moral Event Horizon moments on his discussion page on YouTube, Leon Davies says the reason for doing so is because it's taking forever for him to upload the new episode ("I blame our schools").
  • The opening of Attack on Titan with the My Little Pony theme song.
  • Leon drawing a speech bubble on Brian saying "I ".

Brian: Certainly better than last time because last time, he drew a penis on my forehead.

  • Basically all of Leon's interactions with Alicia.
  • Brian getting chased by Spotty. Twice!
  • Imaginee having a Squee moment.
  • Imaginee mutilating a bunny rabbit? Not funny! His comments while doing it? Black Comedy!
  • " All's well and ends(notices the squeaky ball) Oh no".
  • Can't we just say all of 'Death becomes Brian'? Especially the Neck Snap scene.
  • The bit in 'Superauties' where Leon strangles Brian after he tried to make Superautist disintergrate his Rainbow Dash doll.
  • Roobert's unconvincing attempt at making it look like he's about to do something evil with the doggie biscuits. Even funnier is that Imaginee believes him.
  • "You left me no choice BUT DO DO THIS!!!! please, please, PLEEASE!!! (Squee)"
  • Brian (in Mona's body) orgasming uncomtrollably do to having Mona's phone in her genitals.
  • While the flashback to Imaginee beating a puppy to death wasn't funny, Roobert giving him a "The Reason You Suck" speech results in this gem from Imaginee:
  • Imaginee: Really, I'm flattered.
  • Imaginee's reaction to finding out that Buddy (Roobert's pet dog) is still alive:
  • Imaginee: (choking on his own blood) What?! Aw, for fuck sake!
  • The fact that most of the animation for the finale wasn't finished. Even funnier, for the placeholder, they put in a picture of a cat that hung itself.
  • Here is the TvTropes page before it was deleted, feel free to add anything I may have missed out: